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Top 5 must have clothing items for summer 2017

Printed Kimonos:

The KIMONOS are back! this trend has taken over Instagram posts from all over the world. bloggers have brought back this bohemian style and managed to make it look so comfortable and fashionable.

Lace shirts:

lace shirts emphasize your feminine side and give you a fresh & soft look. It all depends on the accessories you add, lace shirts can be worn in casual AND formal meetings.

Extra Wild Denim:

The Rebellion look never gets old!  Denim is an all time favorite trend for many bloggers. but what about the EXTRA WILD DENIM? it brings out the eccentric part of you with a dash of confidence and class.

Statement Belts:

statement belts are dedicated to make you look unique. they’re just a reflection of who you are. If you feel extra or too casual, the statement belt you pick will reflect your state of mind.

Floral Dress:

This season is all about flowers and petals. floral dresses are made to help you embrace the romance and joy of summer.  these dresses show the world your warmest side: loose or tight, floral dresses always seem to be right!

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