They named her Syria

She took her by the hand, shaking from head to toe.

She turned and took a final glance, held their luggage, it’s time to go. She tried to hide her tears, afraid of the upcoming:

the ocean or the war, she thought the end was coming.

He hugged them and kissed them hard, not knowing if he’ll see them again.

“Get in the boat, he said, I have to fight beside these men.”

The little girl wrapped her hands around his army uniform and the little brown teddy bear she was holding on to fell,

he had to put her in the boat now so she won’t live any longer in this hell.

“The boat, the little thought, is too small to hold these passengers, can’t he tell? ”

But he dived into the darkness of the night, left them there to defend his land.

The mother held her child very tightly, hand in hand.

The waves were so high  and scary, they felt like it was the end.

“Sleep well my love” her mother sang,

but the boat started to sink and they were drowning.

The mother refused to let her child die and suffer, the mother’s heart can’t handle mourning.

The mother along with other parents jumped into the ocean to keep the boat floating.

“MAMA!!, The little girl cried, DON’T GO, I NEED YOU!” But The mother fell down the ocean with a broken heart:

she left her little baby alone in a world that dried out of humanity, after she promised her to never stray apart.

The boat arrived at the unknown destination and the crying of the girl only grew stronger.

They took her to a camp full of tents because she couldn’t stand any longer.

She kept on crying, the little girl, she kept on mourning.

She  kept on waiting for her parents morning after morning.

They named her Syria, but what’s left of her was only the teddy bear that fell on the shore.

Syria might be little but she couldn’t handle the war.

In the middle of the night she started walking,

she misses her parents, no one there listened when she was talking.

She swam far from the shore to the sea, the night was dark, she could barely see.

As she swam, she yelled for her mommy hoping she might have been saved,

but sadly the little girl got carried by a strong and enormous wave.

Has the sun risen? What happened to the night? Where did the water go? Why am I in white?

She turned around and saw her parents running toward her, their face so calm and bright.

She was so happy as she stood in the centre. “Where am I she asked?” Her parents answered:

“we’re in the safe Heaven, near God, where all the good people come but no terrorists would enter.”


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  1. Love love love it❤


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