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Let It Be

What is fear?
One word: overthinking.
-I’m afraid of heights.

-No, you can never be afraid of heights, you’re just scared that you might fall and die.

-well yeah, I’m frightened of death.

-But you can’t panic about something doomed. let’s try again. You are anxious about suffering and feeling all the pain, and you think, what will happen next? how long will it last?
Fear is such a selfish, I won’t say emotion, I’d rather call it state. When you are in awe of something it is precisely related to you.
Get out of the box you’re living in. and most importantly, don’t fill it with hypotheses which most of the time aren’t nearly related to the truth.
so listen to me carefully: All these ideas you’re feeding your mind with, drop them in the past and let go of their poisonous threads. when you’re anxious you lose track of time and place. Enough with these calamitous circumstances. You are strong enough to stay in the exact same spot when you feel like the world is falling apart. The panic attacks are temporary, and all the heavy bricks falling down on you are just illusions and tricks your mind is playing on you, don’t believe it. listen to your heart, there lies the real and pure version of yourself. Talk to God and tell him: Let it be. who’s going to love you and care for you more than your eternal father?
if you don’t dare to jump, if you don’t take the risk, if you don’t say that word, if you don’t go on… you will never savor the taste of satisfaction.
life is too short to dive in the endless wave of thoughts. follow your guts and let it be. intuition never lies, it is the voice of the heart and the master of all arts.
For all those who are passing through a hard time, you can do it. Sadness is brief, happiness is infinite. There is a solution to every problem and never believe otherwise. God is there. You can do it.
with all my love
Helena Saadeh

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