10PM thoughts

Let’s go on a road trip in the middle of the night and listen to loud music while the wind plays in our hair

We will pack our favorite books and pretend that we are eternal, immortal

We’ll let the wind guide our way and hope that light exposes the truth

we’ll hold the memories in our hearts and cherish the ephemeral youth

we’ll laugh until we forget to breathe and drink some beer and dance away

we’ll be lost in this world as we forget about the time

we’ll write songs, even poems that don’t really rhyme

we’ll dance under the moon and walk only on grass

we’ll count the stars until we fall asleep and we’ll race the sun to the top of the mountains

we will sing under the rain and remember people we love who left too soon

we’ll pray to God, hands in hands

standing on a rock above his lands

let’s forget about the silly problems and live like we are supposed to do

Let’s be happy for a while and be true to ourselves too

let our soul become the place where reality meets our dreams

let’s forget about numbers, people, and schemes

Let me love you like the sun loves the moon and the water loves the earth;

the sun kneels away so the moon stays king of the night

and water always finds its way back to the shore to fade again on its line

let’s grow old together and hang our Polaroids in our little treehouse

let’s seize the moment and be free

only if you could listen to me


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