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Redefining Beauty

I have been surprised lately to hear stories about friends I recently met; Beautiful people being bullied, handsome souls labeled as ugly, talented artists lacking self-confidence. I stood there stupefied, how come people do not know their worth? Who defined or limited their beauty and based on what? Let me tell you something, let me tell you my definition of beauty if that’s what you want to know.

Beauty is when you wake up in the morning and your phone’s light blinds your sleepy face. It is the messy hair you have while you study or work out, it’s even your reaction when you see food coming your way in a restaurant. Beauty is when you cuddle with your blanket on a rainy day feeling brokenhearted, when the sky gets dark and you sit on your sofa reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie with your foggy glasses. Gloriousness is when you crack that smile in front of people when you know you want to lay down and cry. Charm is when you talk passionately about your interests in life and the sparks in your eyes can light up a whole world. Sexiness is when your face, hands and clothes are covered with paint because you wanted to give life to a blank, dull canvas. Fascination is when you get overwhelmed with emotions and you start speaking about your feelings to people. Elegance is also when you stand up to fight for what you believe in and look fierce and full of arguments or when you decide to face your fears but the adrenaline is too high. Beauty is when you are shy and can barely make eye contact so you blush and turn your head away, maybe it’s also holding hands but never facing each other. It can sometimes be the eye contact you make for a few seconds that seems like eternity. Flawlessness is when you dance alone in your kitchen or living room while annoying your neighbors with your cacophonous voice replaced sometimes by your flagrant laugh that never ends. Radiance is when the wind blows your hair from the car’s window and you look at the empty road in front of you while listening to music. Glamour is when you wear your favorite outfit and feel comfortable in it. Beauty is in your most vulnerable moment when life seems so tough but you chose to keep going.

Beauty, my friend, is not what you see. It is simply the feeling you have that reflects on the outside. Beauty was never limited to a shape, size, color or race and never will be. It is just the way you perceive the world, if you are happy with yourself you won’t need people’s approval and you’ll stop judging them too. It is the simple act of accepting yourself so everything around you would seem harmonious and well-shaped.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself because beauty is simply you.

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful


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