for you

for you

Be my friend, hold my hand and take me away, where the light dances between our fingers,  where the sky is a mix of all the colors except for gray.

Be my friend, hold my hand and tell me to stay, between your arms every heartbeat is a song and every touch seems to pray.

Be my friend, talk to me, tell me what you love and what you hate, tell me why you woke up early and what made you sleep so late.

Be my friend, smile or speak, I won’t ask you for more, talk to me softly like you’ve known me from before.

Be my friend, talk to me now and stop the tears, what is your favorite song, who’s your idol, and what are your fears?

Be my friend, I come in peace, forget the war, I am the long lost ship and you are the shore.

Be my friend, talk to me without knowing why, all I’m asking from you is not to be shy.

Be my friend, enough with the silence, enough with the distance, you defined my happiness and renewed my existence.

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