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How many minutes I have wasted on words that should’ve never been said, and how many years I’ve lost on words that should’ve been said earlier. How many tears I have cried on people who never loved me, and how many tears are going to be shed on people I’ll always love. How many nights I suffered waiting for a message, and how many expectations failed me over and over again. How many promises I’ve made to protect my feelings, and how many promises I broke because of my feelings. Expectations are a poison for the soul, and I drank too much of it now, I forgot how to be sober again. Feelings are the jewels of the heart, but having to much can weigh you down.

Sometimes, the hardest fact to accept in life is that people show their feelings in different ways, others in different intensities. The more you grow, the more differences you find.  You realize that you can lose people but still see them every day, you understand that you’ll never get the message you want or hear the words you want to hear, you become aware that they’ll never feel for you the love you feel for them. And you’ll get over it. There are million ways to love somebody, and million ways to lose them. You know how much a person means to you when you look at them and realize how much you want to hold them, for a really long time, but you take a step back and keep your distance.

They say time can heal all wounds, but they forgot that it can also leave many scars. one word, whether it is spoken or left unsaid, makes a huge impact. say it if it builds a smile, keep it for yourself if it breaks a heart. Most importantly, if you love someone, go and tell them, as much as you can.  Love makes people happy, and it takes just a minute of your time to say ‘I love you’.


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