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Break Free

To all my friends who are passing through a hard time. this is for you:

The world won’t end in that moment, trust me. It may seem that every thing is moving, that nothing is stable. It may feel that you have no control over anything, hands shaking on the table but mind wandering away. You see from the corner of your eyes people talking but you hear no sounds. All that you feel in that moment is pressure on your wounds. You start thinking about death, about pain, about loss. You think about your family and all the people you love, what would they do and how would they feel without you? You think about God, will his mercy get you in heaven after all the sins you made throughout your life? All the people who left this life and all the people who will come cross your mind simultaneously. You pray, hoping it will take away the fear that paralyzed every cell of your body. What would happen next? The countdown began for your blackout: three, two, one…

Nothing happens.

Once again you count and you’re still breathing,  fighting for it with every fast heartbeat, but you’re still breathing. In that moment you realize that you hit the bottom, the lowest possible position, and you feel weak, vulnerable, like a feather in the wind, a giant creature made of paper. Everything seems like eternity, but as you look around you, nobody noticed and everyone is still talking normally. You fear they might see your pale face or tears in your eyes, but they look directly at you and they notice nothing. The phase is now over, and once again my friend, you won. You will always win. Because your hope for life is stronger than the attacks you have and the thoughts that cross your mind. Repeat after me, YOU are STRONG, YOU are WORTHY, YOU are IMPORTANT, YOU are BEAUTIFUL, YOU CAN do it and YOU will WIN each time. Don’t let some stupid thoughts keep you on the verge of fear, don’t put yourself in the prison of anxiety or torture yourself with negative talks. Listen to me, everything you feel is in your mind, and what happens there is up to you. You control everything. So STOP, stop feeding your soul fears and illusions. Find a spark of hope to light the darkness in there and be free, my friend, be free from all that is weighing you down. Life is too short to worry over things that will soon become worthless or will turn out to be unreal. Keep your head high and your hopes higher. You will win the fight each time, trust me, and most importantly, trust yourself.

with all the love I have for all,


2 thoughts on “Break Free

  1. As I started reading, I felt as if it’s written for me, each word. I am just unable to digest the conclusion, my mind may understand and try to break free, but my emotions won’t.


    1. you will, just keep having faith and things will fall into place. after every fall you realize that it’s not the end, and day by day, the things that seemed so intense will become somehow neutral in your life, trust me.

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