How to De-Stress ?

Due to the terror attacks worldwide, stress, among other factors, is a major problem that shouldn’t be ignored. No matter how busy you are, never forget to rest and de-stress.

Stress is a harmful

Stress is harmful physical and emotional reaction that kicks in when there is a conflict between imposed demands and the level of control a person can have over them. Stress can have many causes such as an upcoming event, trauma, conflict, and social or economic factors.

Stress can be manifested in many symptoms.

Some of them are physical such as muscular tension, digestive or sleep problems, headaches, dizziness, short breath, and fatigue. Other indications are emotional, such as irritation, agitation, indecision, anxiety, lack of joy, difficulty in concentration and low self-esteem. In addition to all that, a person can go through behavioral symptoms. The perception of a negative reality, disorganization, difficulties in relations, absenteeism, avoiding demanding situations, the tendency to remain isolated or to watch too much TV, and most importantly the consummation of Tobacco, caffeine, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, and drugs are also behavioral symptoms. However, stress is not always harmful, it can serve as motivation to keep us going and to help us succeed.

There is no miracle or instant remedy against stress.

But there are many ways to maintain good mental health. A person can consult experts in fields such as pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, relaxation, or psychanalysis. Psychologist Anna Maria Marouni offered us suggestions for managing stress levels. Her recommendations came in two levels: the ones you can do, and others you can feel.

One should always devote a part of his day to mental health, she advised. A brief Instagram survey of two stress-relieving options Marouni proposed showed that 53% of respondents favored hiking while 47% preferred swimming to relax.

Healthy Living confirmed on its website that hiking boosts your endorphins hormones that reduce stress while swimming is soothing and distracts you from worrying. These two physical activities help in building a healthy lifestyle.

Using the same measuring tool, 68% of the followers on Instagram said they would count stars while 32% noted they would dance the samba to feel better.

You might not be able to travel to Brazil to dance the samba, nor to Norway to see the Northern Lights, but if you sit back, listen to rhythmic Brazilian tunes, and picture yourself at Copacabana, or if you count shooting stars from your rooftop, a sense of well-being and a sprinkling of star dust will descent on you.

Yoga is a form of meditation while horse is the human’s best friend. 55% of the same group chose horse back riding over 45% who preferred yoga as a form of relaxation.

If they want to feel good, 63% favored holding the hand of a baby, if given a choice, over the 37% who would hold the picture of someone they love.

The simplest actions such as drinking a fresh coconut juice, looking at people straight in the eyes, advancing your watch by eight minutes, and even recycling can bring you a dash of joy, according to Marouni. The psychologist cautioned staying away from pessimists because frustration is contagious. Stick with your circle of good friends, she counselled. If you are more generous, more curious, and keep things simple, staying humble and true to yourself is one step closer to happiness, she added. The American Music Therapy Association stated that music as art therapy is an evidence-based form of relaxation. Make something out of every occasion, she advised. Close your eyes when you eat something tasty, laugh as much as you can, because laughing heartily is a proven mood enhancer and great for releasing tension.

Marouni’s tips on how to remain positive:

  • Believe in love at first sight, Santa Clause too.
  • Be at ease with silence.
  • Follow our intuition because most of the times it is right.
  • Believe in chance.
  • Never compare ourselves to others.
  • Never forget the child inside your heart.
  • Be comfortable with yourself and with who you are.
  • Stay away from Tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, or drugs. Even if they relieve you of tension for a few moments, they will only make it worse later.
Hiking Swimming
53% 47%
Counting Stars Dancing the Samba
68% 32%
Horse Back Riding Yoga
55% 45%
Holding the hand of a baby Holding a picture of someone you love
63% 37%

Anna Maria Marouni :


Hospital Saydet Zgharta HSZ – Zgharta

World Medical Center   WMC  – Tripoli – Zouk

Private Clinic – Jbeil

Helena Saadeh-MCOM 240-American University of Beirut


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