Chou we2fit 3layye?

If you know someone who knows someone who knows the “Za’aim” or political leader, make him read this article.  

The problem in our Lebanese society? We chant ‘freedom of speech’, ‘freedom of expression’, ‘freedom of the press’ and every time someone tries to speak what really goes on inside his or her mind, he or she will be chanting regrets in the high-rated Lebanese jails. I am not hiding the fact that Lebanese citizens are the ones holding this country together because let’s face it, we are not affected neither by the absence of the president, nor by the failing of the government, nor by the elongated 9 years stay -or more- at the fancy 5-stars Lebanese parliament. But in this country, everything you do or say is automatically taken to “society’s court of judgments”. Let me clarify: it is where people try to relate your actions/words to 1) a political party: 8 or 14? If none of the parties fulfill the aim of your action then they take it to stage 2) religion (they pass through all 18 of them). If your activities do not match the first two rules then you are judged guilty of lying and hiding something since nothing in this society is unbiased. Don’t get me wrong, objectivity is -for me- a myth. But what Lebanese people fail to understand is that by connecting different dots, you can reach a new path. Your enemy is not the person with opposed political views, it’s the one who tries to violate your territory and the unity of the population.

People know when things go wrong, people know that politics is a lie. Yet, they do nothing about all of it and this is what prevents us from moving forward. I mean we are programmed not to fight for the right action, we are instructed to stay inactive, we are trained to say “Chou We2fit 3layye?” as if nothing is ever going to improve. Well, it won’t, until you start doing something about it.

Now you might say, if you do, they’ll put me in jail. Let me say that it is your blind loyalty that enlarged the politician’s ego and made him think he can be a leader-judge-president-deputy-minister- lawyer-economist-policy maker all at once. Now, I said “him” for a reason. Obviously, we lack women leaders in this society and this is one of the main reasons we are not moving forward.

Hold on, I know you might argue that our politics is built that way: a never-ending circle that keeps repeating itself, and any person who tries to break it will disappear. This is not about a revolution, people going out on the streets, or protests and campaigns. These cannot be efficient if there is an immense lack of awareness in our society. If we want to move forward in this country, we should change the root of thinking and it will take years to reach a certain goal. However, there are five things people do in Lebanon that make me really angry, so please stop doing them – and spread the words:

  • If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the Zaa’im or the “leader”, that does not make YOU the leader. Stop bossing people around!
  • If the “leader” you support made a mistake. Do not, and I repeat, do not deny it and go curse at strangers with opposite political view on social media. It is so shameful and disrespectful that Zuckerberg should deny his creation of Facebook.
  • Do no try to hide the fact that there is a politician in Lebanon who did not take part in the war. The parliament has barely changed since then.
  • Stop seeing Lebanese citizens with different political or religious affiliations as your enemies. Instead, take off that layer of judgment and know that even with your differences, you are the ones holding this country strongly together.
  • It is not wrong to support a party, especially if it had offered you many opportunities. However, make sure you set your priorities right: family comes first, and trust me on this one, political parties are not your families. In your family you are irreplaceable, in political parties you are.



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