A Quick Song

Should I act like it’s okay

When there’s so much left to say

In silence, I have had my answer

No more ‘us’ after today

One day, someday  we’ll talk once more

And your love will reach my shore

Until then I will just wait

For you to knock on my own door

Love my love might be for two

But tell me is she the one for you?

In your life, you will never find

Someone to love you like I do

Time with time will maybe heal

And our wounds will maybe seal

But the pain right now is strong

And the pain I have is real

Chance by chance might find our way

Not tomorrow nor today

But I have faith in what’s to come

And for that daily, I pray

My oh my you’re such an art

I love you with all my heart

It’s so sad you’re not for me

I should have seen it from the start

Black on black you look so nice

Warm exterior, heart of ice

I waited for you, no more lies

To leave you then, I won’t think twice


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