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The Worst Kind of Pandemics: the “Exception” in Politics

I chose today to talk about a specific theme: how institutions justified mass surveillance by claiming that this is an ‘exception’ under an unprecedented and truly dangerous pandemic. Therefore, this article will be divided into three parts. The first part would define the concept of ‘exception’ and give you more concrete ideas about it. The second segment would explain how mass surveillance really works and how data gathering can happen in the simplest of ways. The third and the final part will be mainly recommendations for governments and institutions on how to deal with this pandemic without the politics of exceptions

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You are under surveillance

In this digital age, our lives have become reduced to virtual communities condensed behind small screens. However, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of hours spent on our phones drastically increased due to quarantine and self-isolation. Notably, people spent most of their day on social media platforms such as Facebook which marked an increase of 27% on a user’s ‘online hours’ and Netflix which also registered an increase of 16%, as per an article written in the New York Times. 

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