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Farewell Iraq: From Baghdad to Zgharta

This is a Photo Essay. The Photographs tell the story and they are followed by captions for further explanation. The captions are all quotes said by Rana, the Iraqi refugee. she is the narrator of this photo essay: Continue reading “Farewell Iraq: From Baghdad to Zgharta”

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Child Marriage among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Wars change lives and leave a negative impact on people. The war in Syria led to a growing problem which is child marriage. Child marriage has been present for decades but increased dramatically as the war found its way to Syria. In fact, 400 million of the women now aged between 20 and 49 were married before the age of 18 Continue reading “Child Marriage among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”

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…حيث لا يجرؤ أحد على الدخول

في زمن غابت فيه شمس الحق وراء أفق من الظلم و الفساد, أغرقت أمواج المصالح أطفالا أبرياء في قعر بحر اليأس. أطفالا لم يروا من الحياة نورا أو فرحا, أطفالا صرخوا بأعلى الأصوات طالبين يدّا للمساعدة فكتمت هذه اليدّ أصواتهم. Continue reading “…حيث لا يجرؤ أحد على الدخول”