Tips For Traveling

To discover the world is to discover yourself. traveling is by far the best teacher in life and the fastest therapy. these are some tips for frequent travelers to always keep in mind.


#1 Pack Light


Unless you’re going to Paris Fashion Week, heavy packing is not required.

Bear in mind that you might buy a lot of souvenirs on your way back. plus, light packing makes traveling so easy and simple. therefore, you will not spend all your time unpacking and worrying.

#2 Have a long Distance relationship… with your phone!


I am pretty sure you didn’t cross all that distance to chat online with your friends. you can do this back home, but while you travel every little detail matters. it’s fine to take a few pictures,but remember:  what your eyes see is way more beautiful than the pictures of your camera.

#3 Room for the Extra Money


This is very important. you never know what might happen there, always keep the extra cash with you in case of emergencies.

#4 Meet the Locals


If you want to know the country and its culture, meet the locals. local people, especially the elders,offer you traditional food, teach you important words in their language, show you their costumes and ways of living. you might be surprised by some traditions the guide (or Google) forgot to tell you.

#5 Have Fun, simply


YOLO, right? so please, don’t get upset by little details, see the bigger picture: you’re far from home, discovering something new, making new friends and memories… it’s okay if something didn’t go as planned, keep the positive attitude and make the best out of your trip!


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