#ShameOnWho: it’s not a question

Prosecute the Rapist. Do Not Blame the Victim.

Here’s the problem in our society:

we give importance to meaningless topics while we devalue the critical, viable issues. We give our opinion, screaming ‘freedom of speech’, when the topic should not be debatable and we judge on terms very profoundly even though the matters should be reasonably discussed. Take Abaad’s new rape awareness campaign #ShameOnWho for instance, the video showing a girl dressed in -as some people say- “provocative” way and faking her rape was leaked to see how people would react. You can see in this video women telling her to shut up in order not to embarrass herself ‘even more’ while men highly criticized her look, saying they would never let their sisters go out looking like ‘sluts’. Even though this video was a set up, we sadly come across many similar situations frequently in our society.

The fact that #ShameOnWho was a debatable question shows the real problem in the way people think.

A rapist is a criminal no matter what the identity of the victim is. You never acquit a murder because of the way his or her victim was dressed. Rape is a crime and a crime cannot, and should not, be defended based on the victim’s appearance. The rapist does take advantage of what a person is wearing, especially in our societies. However, a rapist does not care about the outfit itself because a person who has no balls to control his urges when seeing a mini-skirt will never be able to control his urges when seeing a hijab. For the people who try to remove the guilt of a rapist by stating that the victim was wearing a very provocative outfit, please, I urge you to explain to me what is provocative about a six-year-old refugee living in a camp? What might a child do to lead a human-like creature to rape him or her? Rape is not an issue of outfit or age or gender, rape is an issue of morality and sanity. Again, for the people who criticized the woman based on her outfit, I believe you never went to a beach. How come it’s okay to see females wearing bikinis and swimsuits in certain places while it is shameful to see them wearing shorts and skirts in other places? A rapist is an uncontrollable creature that commits a different kind of crime. The difference here is that a rapist combines all crimes in just one: a rapist kills the victim every single day, he steals her dreams and her love -especially for herself- and the list of horrors seems to be endless. The only person to blame here is the rapist, and only the rapist. And for those of you who compare rapists to animals because they don’t have the ability to think or to use their ‘brains’, it is important to know that even though rape exists -very rarely- for animals, it is not as frequent as it occurs in the human world.

Nevertheless, we have another topic in hand. Since when a woman has to abide by other’s opinion on what to wear or what not to? a woman has the right to wear whatever she wants and nobody can force her to change. A woman should not control her appearance for a man who cannot control himself. A woman should not stay at home because some stupid man is not used to properly behave when he sees a lot of skin. A woman should go out wearing her confidence and her rights to be safe while the man who cannot function or even find his own brain should be the one staying home enlightening his mother or sister on what not wear.


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